Since eleven generations, the House of Prunier, one of the oldest cognac houses, has learnt how to keep its own history alive together with its identity and esteem for its products. Each member of the family has maintained the motto: quality and respect of local traditions.
Each one has watched over our heritage while remaining open to the world, Paraguay, Australia, Mexico, Ghana, China….Prunier was one of the first houses to open to new markets. While following sociological evolutions, artistic tendencies and new techniques, our strength is to keep a foot in the past and have a view of the future.
Today it is my turn to pass on the memory of the House of Prunier. In a few years times the sixth generation will continue the story. For the moment I watch over our products which are the heart of the trade, while preparing for tomorrow. Without forgetting the past the House of Prunier continues without respite to search to offer you the best products. In each of our bottles you will read our history and passion.
In the heart of the town of Cognac, the House of Prunier has been perfecting the memory of the area for five generations. The unlimited aspects of the grapes and their multiple aromas are revealed in each of our products.
What would cognac be without the earth and the special light of our district. Full of sun, the vines of the Charente and the Charente Maritime express their opulence in the quality of exceptional cognacs.
Specialist in French brown spirits, cognac, brandy (Prunier has been the leader on the Chinese market for over 30 years with their own bottled brandy) calvados, armagnac, Prunier also creates original products ( sometimes in limited series) anisette, mint liqueur, personalized brown spirits, aged rum, whiskies etc etc.
Shippers since 1769, The House of Prunier, combines the art of ageing and blending carefully selected stocks. The quality of the cellars both at the historical site and in Gimeux contribute towards making Prunier products the best. It is a privilege for us to experience the magic of blending and to have the pleasure of elaborating unique products which will always remain in our memories.
Stocking, ageing, blending, bottling, personal products. For 250 years the House of Prunier celebrates only the best and has been optimizing each quality.
We are proud to own a ‘Paradise’ which is now the testimony of qualities as they were consumed in the 19th century. Legend leads us to believe that there is an underground river flowing under the Cognac cellars and that it contributes to the inimitable taste of Prunier cognacs.