This is a young company determined to make a big impact in the wine industry. Offering more than 50 years of experience between the partners each contributing a wealth of knowledge about global wine trends, customized marketing, and most importantly years of winemaking acclaim throughout the Spanish terroirs. In order to achieve this, founders have created a unique partnership with growers and wineries across Spain. Partnerships based on respect and a common passion for the craftsmanship that makes up viticulture and oenology. TVM has all the best juice to choose from and each new wine they release is a work of art to be shared and enjoyed on a daily basis.
Landscape and Terroir
Located on the southern part of the Spanish plateau, covering all municipalities in Castile La Mancha. Vineyards cover almost half of Spain’s total vineyards, which is more than 400,000 ha, hence being the largest wine region in the world. Vines are planted on flatlands and gentle slopes between 500 to 1000 meter above sea level. Soils vary enormously, but generally vines are planted on the poorest soil with low water holding capacity, where other crops cannot grow. This restricts yields and gives concentrated grapes.
Extreme continental with long hot summers, temperatures frequently rise over 45ºC, and cold winters with temperatures as low as -15ºC.
The region
Terruñes y Valles del Mediterraneo select the best grapes from a small pocket of the Eastern part Castile-La Mancha from the four tiny villages Minaya, Casas de Fernando Alonso, Casas de los Pinos and Casas de Guijarro. All are located within a radius of 10 km and lie on the old riverbeds of the Júcar river were the river brings a light cooling effect to the vines during the warm summer days.
All villages are situated at an altitude of around 750 meters where there is a huge diurnal temperature range which helps slow down the ripening of the grapes, giving ripe flavour with a balanced acidity. Annual rainfall is only around 400 mm, with very little rain towards the end of the growing season. This provides concentrated flavours in the fruit and in the resulting wine.