The Leth family is now the third generation to focus on wine-growing. While this doesn´t seem like such a long time, it has been long enough to create – with idealism, innovation and investment – one of the leading wineries in the region. From the very beginning, they’ve been winemakers of pure passion – beginning with Franz and Barbara Leth in the early 1960s; and then with sons Franz and Erich, who shaped the ´80s and ´90s, and now with Franz Jr., who recently became responsible for the estate´s wine line.
In 2001, the leading wineries of the Wagram wine-growing area united to cooperate in making the region more known – and the wines, purely inimitable.
Through cooperation and mutual exchange, an authentic wine programme is growing. Respect for nature, and care and concern in every aspect – from the vineyard to vinification to personal contact with customers. The identity of Wagram should be expressed also in the name of the group of wine estates Weingüter Wagram.