A long time ago, a Count from very distant lands transited on his beautiful steed, in the lands of the Val Tramigna and went up to the plateau of Mount Crocetta. The Count sat down on a stone to rest and saw that the landscape was wonderful from up there. Daylight was stroking the hills at the profile of a castle, the steep roofs of small houses, the white paths and cultivated land and were scattering in the gentle wind to reach the immobility of the sky. The landscape, the slight smell of must reached his nostrils, the serenity felt at that time, advised him to find dwelling in that lands. So that day he became the Count of Campiano.
Founded in 1930, Contri Spumanti has became a major player in the Italian market. Contri keeps strict control over the whole production cycle. This strategy benefits the company. Recognition also comes from a professional corner by the increasing number of awards that they received. Nowadays, the daily management is under the guidance of Dr. Paolo Contri, a brilliant oenologist with an economic background.