Several generations of the Escudero Family have devoted themselves with true passion to viticulture with a single philosophy: the production of our own quality grapes with great respect for nature and our lands , seeking the expression of the soil and the grape variety, qualities that we have maintained through the years.
That same passion goes for our work in the vineyards, together with the impulse and experience of the two last generations, we carried ourselves to a higher level in order to give shape to an old idea: the elaboration of quality wines. We founded our cellar in 1999 in the same small village where previous generations of our family lived back in the day.
Our vineyards are situated in our village (Olmedillo de Roa) close to the winery. A characteristic village in Burgos surrounded by pine and oak forests. The climate here is harsh; short, hot summers are followed by long, cold winters when temperatures can drop to -10ºC. Under often clear skies, temperatures drop quickly after sunset and , even in summer, nights are cool. This favors the slow ripening of the grape until reaching the optimum stage regarding tannins, acidity and alcoholic degree. After the ripening the harvest is done manually.
In this charming little village, Escudero´s Family cultivate 40 hectares of our own vineyards, all of them free-standing vines distributed in 9 different pagos with an altitude above sea level between 830 and 852 m. Planted on a mixture of calcareous, sand, and clay soils. Some of these vineyards are older than 90 years.