Ours is a story that first took root long ago. Sparkling wine has been produced in Franciacorta since the sixteenth century, and still wines have been produced since the dawn of time, but for a long time they were only for local consumption. Various events relating to viticulture and marketing hindered its production. The renewed interest in Franciacorta on the part of winemakers dates back to the late 1950s, when, quite suddenly, there was a newfound confidence in the region’s potential to produce base wines suitable for making sparkling wine. In 1967 name Franciacorta was granted official recognition thanks to the efforts of a small group of producers who were encouraged by the new Italian laws regarding designation of origin. Pinot di Franciacorta DOC was made from Pinot Blanc with the possibility of adding Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, with natural fermentation in the bottle or in the vat. The early 1970s set the stage for the great revival of Italian wine, and Franciacorta had already laid solid foundations to start manufacturing quality products. Entrepreneurs and managers began to buy land in Franciacorta, enriching the area with vineyards that they used to produce their own fine wines, for themselves and for their friends. However, this casual approach was clearly not suited to the character of the local Lombard people, and the properties were soon transformed into an “oenological laboratory”. The first historical group was soon joined by another dozen producers. Secondary fermentation in the vat could still be used, but even then most of the producers preferred the much more challenging secondary fermentation in the bottle. The 1980s were marked by the arrival of a wave of entrepreneurs, who came to Franciacorta seeking new or remodeled vineyards and who had the spirit and the means to get things off the ground and the determination to succeed, even if they weren’t original from the winemaking business. Despite this, they showed willing by seeking the help of wine experts and specialists who were able to enhance the quality of the product. This was the period when Chardonnay was distinguished from Pinot Blanc, and its perfect harmony with the terroir of Franciacorta became well established. By 1983, the original 50 hectares had become 550, and sales of Pinot di Franciacorta exceeded one million bottles while the number of companies doubled once again. The 1990s began with the establishment of the Voluntary Consortium, marking the beginning of the contemporary era of Franciacorta and Franciacorta DOCG.