Rocca dei Forti is a totally Italian story that began in 1950 and lives in the heart of every one of its sparkling wines. Like every authentic emotion, a great brand is born, grows and develops only thanks to the passion and the will to achieve new peaks of excellence. This is how Rocca dei Forti has become the market leader in the Italian mass market retail channel.
The sparkling wines are an elegant pleasure that accompany everyday moments – from aperitifs to meals, parties and more special occasions – turning them into real emotions.
All great stories have a heart with deep roots. The roots of Rocca Dei Forti sink deep down into an extraordinary territory that boasts a very old sparkling wine making tradition: the Marche region.
And it is here that the whole of Italy’s sparkling winemaking tradition started, as demonstrated by the doctor from Fabriano, Francesco Scacchi, who in the 17th century defined the noble sparkling wine as “piquant”. Thanks to the refined sparkling wines made by Rocca dei Forti, the Marche tradition is now recognized in both Italy and abroad.